Twenty-nine ways…

…to stay creative

We all have those horrible times when we suffer from creative block and feel far far away from inspiration. Fear no more. Watching this fantastic fun motion graphics video by To-Fu proves that there are really only a few simple things to remember that help you keep your creatives juices flowing.

So… with this in mind… I’m off to have fun, away from the computer, surround myself with creative people, and drink coffee!

Print them out, stick them on your ideas wall, sew them into your socks to look at every day or simply add them to your blog and share, do what you want with them… just remember these rules:

1. Make lists
2. Carry a notebook everywhere
3. Try free writing
4. Get away from the computer

5. Quit beating yourself up
6. Take breaks
7. Sing in the shower

8. Drink coffee

9. Listen to new music
10. Be open
11. Surround yourself with creative people

12. Get feedback
13. Collaborate
14. Don’t give up
15. Practice, practice, practice
16. Allow yourself to make mistakes
17. Go somewhere new

18. Count your blessings
19. Get lots of rest
20. Take risks
21. Break the rules
22. Don’t force it
23. Read a page of the dictionary
24. Create a framework
25. Stop trying to be someone else’s perfect
26. Got an idea? Write it down
27. Clean your workspace
28. Have fun

29. Finish something


Style, confidence, secrecy, debauchery, lust, deception… and a bit of advertising

…they’re back…the return of AMC’s long-awaited Mad Men!

And to celebrate its return, a special issue from Newsweek. The issue pays homage to series five with retro cover design and ads. There are some real beauts among the bunch. While some are authentic, others were created just to set the (1965) scene. Fun, inspiring and a great opportunity to celebrate retro designs.

Many brands have designed ads for this double issue, which include; Bloomingdales, British Airways, Dunkin’ Donuts, Hush Puppies, Johnnie Walker, Mercedes-Benz, Spam, United Colours of Benetton and many more.

Click on an image below to view slideshow

A film about letterpress

I came across this really fantastic short about letterpress. This beautiful video reinforces that the process and technique of letterpress can never be compared to todays computer aided printing. Held at Plymouth University, this is one of the last moveable-type printing workshops.

A film by Danny Cooke
Soundtrack by Tony Higgins

Upside Down, Left To Right: A Letterpress Film from Danny Cooke on Vimeo.

Trending the Cinemagraph

A beautiful, simple and fascinating new form of animated photography

Previously known as the throwback cheesy animated gif, the Cinemagraph was created by creative duo Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck. They embraced the simple idea behind gifs and recycled them into a completely new and inspired direction. Using a series of high-speed still photographs and animated masked sections of parts of the images, it gives the appearance of movement.  “It can be thought of as a hybrid between still photography and video, at its heart, it’s a still photograph,” said Jamie Beck.

To view more work from Kevin and Jamie click here

Here is a selection of my favourite inspiring Cinemagraphs

Coco Roche by Cinemagraph

Film Cinemagraphs 

2001: A Space Odyssey

The Shining

The life aquatic with Steve Zissou

Blade Runner

Children of men

THE WAY WE LIVE NOW exhibition

The Design Museum celebrates with one of the world’s best-known designers, restaurateurs and retailers – Sir Terence Conran

Click on an image to view gallery